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Payada pa’ Satan, a short film against mega-mining

Payada pa’ Satan is an animated short film against mega-mining directed by Antonio Balseiro and Carlos Balseiro.

The mega-mining is a chemical extractive industry that generates serious impacts on all ecosystems in the world, contaminates freshwater supplies, affects the health of millions of people and finances serious violations of human rights.

Mining projects are highly concentrated in a few global corporations that control the world market for minerals; both those who are serving to the industry and those who are working for financial speculation. These companies are so powerful that corrupt governments to the detriment of democracy and social welfare.

In addition to the film, you can see an informative website that explains what mega-minning is and how it operates in the world through contacts with NGOs, activists in the field and several related documentaries.

More information is available at www.payadapasatan.org